Chimney Scaffold

Chimney Scaffold

Thursday, February 16th, 2012

Chimney scaffolds are used for obtaining access to those difficult to reach chimney stacks for a variety of purposes including re-pointing or re-building.

To access a chimney stack an access scaffold tower will be erected from the ground level up to the gutter level then access is obtained by erecting a series of scaffolding lifts on the roof to give access to the works. Chimney stack scaffolding can be erected for the re- installation of lead work to the base of a chimney if needed or if access is needed for demolition scaffolding can be positioned at levels required for the removal of a chimney stack and then the re-building if needed. Chimney stacks that are positioned on the ridge line are accessible with the possibility of an additional platform at the rear as well by erecting scaffolding from the platform erected at the front of the building.

If you require the cappings to be removed or replaced this is obtained by erecting a chimney stack scaffold with an extra lift on top of the platform to gain the height needed for the works. These types of access scaffolding can be used for many different access solutions giving you a safe place of work whilst working at high level.

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