Thursday, February 16th, 2012

Scaffolding ramps can be used for a variety of purposes including access into a new build project or a scaffolding ramp for an event.

Ramps constructed out of scaffolding for access into new build developments are installed to give trades access into the building whilst the site is in the construction process and before the paths and driveways are installed. Usually these types of ramp are installed with the external scaffold still erected with the bottom lift boarded and the scaffold ramp running up to the bottom lift for access. These can be put up independently with handrails after all the external scaffolding has been taken down.

You could have a scaffolding ramp put up to access a stage or scaffolding platform for an event. These are constructed out of tube and fittings to build the ramp to the exact dimensions needed to create the length and the angle needed for access. These types of ramps can be built to any size and length to give an access ramp to a high level stage or platform if needed.

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